Cris Beswick – Strategic Advisor on Innovation

In a world of hyper competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption, the need for business innovation allied to an organisation-wide culture of innovation has never been higher on the strategic agenda.

Cris Beswick is the Founder of thought leadership website The Future Shapers, Director of Innovation Consulting at Culture Consultancy, Strategic Advisor on Innovation at Wazoku and a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management and the Centre for Customised Executive Development.

He specialises in working with CEOs and senior teams and has coached, advised and delivered keynotes to some of the worlds most successful companies on how to become exceptional by building future-shaping innovation strategies, developing world-class innovation leaders and embedding innovation capability into organisational culture.

Building a Culture of Innovation

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Consultancy and strategic advice

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Creating Innovative Organisations

Shaping the future means first building a culture of innovation!

Cris utilises unique frameworks and innovative approaches like his 3Es Innovation Methodology™ to help clients Establish a future-focused innovation strategy, Enable innovation leaders and Embed a culture of innovation.

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Building a Next Generation Organisation

There are three types of businesses in this world, those which failed to survive the recession, those which survived but have either plateaued or are in slow decline and those which will shape the future through business innovation. The last business is what Cris calls a Next Generation Organisation.

Cris works with CEOs and senior teams to build Next Generation Organisations by focusing on three core capabilities: establishing Intelligence, enabling Collaboration and embedding Adaptability.

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Cris Beswick


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