The shape of things to come!

In 1933 when H. G. Wells wrote ‘The shape of things to come’ he could scarcely have anticipated the speed and scale of technological development, which would reshape the world. It is true that in his many writings he predicted … Continued

Banking on an Innovation-led Future

When an animal is injured it retreats to safe pastures. There, away from danger it quietly licks its wounds and tries to recover before gingerly venturing back out into the world. But the urge to be cautious is now ever … Continued

The HR side of Innovation

What does your HR department do? If the first answers that spring to mind are managing holidays, staff contracts or appraisals then either you are missing out on a vast store of knowledge and experience or your HR department needs … Continued

21st Century Workforce…

In the current economic climate and with talent shortages in some areas, how important is effective human capital management in ensuring companies are able to attract and retain top talent? 
 I think next generation competitive advantage will be driven not … Continued