Innovation and Succeeding in Tomorrow’s World

Those who were lucky enough to visit the Farnborough Airshow in 2014 were treated to a vision of the future. Amidst a host of outstanding displays was one, which gave true pause for thought. The E-fan two-seater plane was remarkable, … Continued

CEOs, are you serious about driving innovation?

“Innovative businesses grow twice as fast as non-innovators and they are also less likely to fail!” BIS Innovation Report 2014 We’ve survived the recession and conquered the recovery. According to the IMF July report the UK is now in a … Continued

21st Century Workforce…

In the current economic climate and with talent shortages in some areas, how important is effective human capital management in ensuring companies are able to attract and retain top talent? 
 I think next generation competitive advantage will be driven not … Continued

7 Steps to Achieving Innovation in Business.

Ok, before you read on let me be absolutely clear about one thing. There are no quick routes, shortcuts or guru inspired equations that will deliver true innovation. The truth is that it’s hard work and it takes time if … Continued